Oscillation Vibration Plates

Vibration plates will strengthen and tone muscles and will also target fat. It is an all-over body workout which is extremely popular with people who want to tone up and lose weight. The oscillation plates stimulate cells to function at a higher rate, it increases metabolism which aids weight loss. It increases blood flow and oxygen intake and helps flush out toxins.


Sessions can be booked on the plates alone, and not just as part of laser lipo. Best of all using one can cut a one hour workout down to just 10-15 minutes and without the need to go to a gym! Book your private session now and lose your pockets of fat.


How Vibration Plates Work

Here’s the science bit! The benefits of vibration training have been promoted by both fitness professionals and medical academics. Vibration plates create a powerful, pulsating vibration. Standing on a vibration plate with your knees slightly bent will trigger your reflex muscles in your legs and abdomen to subtly contract up to 50 times per second to allow you to keep your balance. This will strengthen and tone muscles and will also target fat as its energy source wherever the vibration are applied to the body. All this makes vibration training extremely popular with people who want to tone up and lose weight.


Scientists at the University of Antwerp recently carried out a study into the affects of vibration training on weight loss. To do this they gave the same dietary advice to three groups of people. The first group did no exercise for six months, the second did aerobic activity such as swimming three times a week and the final group used vibration machines for 13 minutes a day, five days a week. After six months the vibration group lost nearly two-thirds more abdominal fat than the aerobic group. They also lost 11% of their body fat compared to 7% for the aerobic group and 6% for the diet only group.


Better for joints and muscles: In order to successfully lose weight or improve strength and core stability you need to apply either mass or acceleration to the body. Most exercise training techniques use additional mass in the form of weights to the body while exercising. Vibration training enables users to lose weight and tone up without the need for weights which removes the negative impact on joints and muscles. It is therefore described as a low impact method of training which is ideal for people of all ages and abilities. However it is not a replacement for cardio exercise.

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